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If you haven’t experienced praying as a couple, these suggestions will help you get started. (Excerpt from Praying as a Couple by Janet Thomson)

  1. Make praying together a priority in your day.

2. Find a place where you can pray without interruption. 

3. Determine a time that fits both  your schedules, and put it on your calendars.

4. If you choose morning, make it a pleasant time over a cup of coffee or tea.

5. If you choose evening, pray before you get into bed, because both of you probably will be exhausted at the end of the day and it will be hard to stay awake.

6. Take turns praying. If one of you is more comfortable than the other praying aloud, have that person start and the other spouse join in or say his or her own prayer. Or do conversational prayer, in which you alternate praying, just like talking to each other.

7. Start with short prayers until you get used to praying together.

8. Write down things you want to remember to pray about. It’s okay to pray with your eyes open so you can look at your notes.

9. Hold hands or embrace while you pray.

10. Remember that prayer is simply talking to God. You don’t have to use big theological terms or sound “spiritual”. Just pour out your heart to the only One who can really help.

For the next 7 days, you will receive prayers to pray as a couple.

Enjoy praying as a couple.

Kobus Pauw
Connection Impact

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