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Connection Groups

A Connection Group is married couples that come together every 2nd week discussion different topics that relates to marriages, family and relationships. They do this for the duration of one year. After a year they can decide to continue, become a guided group for a while or dissolve. Both groups are being facilitated by trained facilitator couples who guides the groups through the course or through the discussions. A group usually consist of not more than 5 couples, excluding the facilitator couple.

Guided Groups

The Guided Groups are groups that come together for a specific time period (eg 8 weeks) while they discuss a manual or course that has been developed by Connection Impact. At the end of the course or manual they have discussed, they can do another course or manual , they can decide to become a Connection Group or they can decided to dissolve.

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The 4C's Guided Groups

Healthy relationships, just like a home, are created by building a solid foundation. It requires spending time, energy, love and attention to build a framework for the environment you ultimately want. If the house is neglected, its condition deteriorates and you will need to take decisive action to repair the damage and restore the environment. At Connection Impact we believe in a four-cornerstone foundation that, is stable & secure, will ensure a healthy foundation for any relationship.

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